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Science - NETWATCH, May 12, 2006: Vol. 312. no. 5775, p. 821

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Inside Cancer, a new primer from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, explains the basics of tumor biology with a snazzy mix of text and multimedia. Start with the Hallmarks of Cancer section to hear experts such as Robert Weinberg of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology talk about the abilities a cell needs to spawn a tumor, which include dodging the immune system and thwarting suicide pathways. In the action-packed Pathways to Cancer animations, visitors wend through a cell's cluttered interior and plunge into nuclear pores to see how the signaling systems that normally manage division go awry. Other sections explore cancer epidemiology and new treatments.

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Inside Cancer - a multimedia exploration. (in Diseases > Cancers)

Multimedia guide to cancer biology that offers animations and interviews to explain how cancer develops in a person, its cause and prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and the hallmarks of cancer.