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DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Executive Producer
David Micklos
Scientific Advisors
Kenneth Culver, Douglas Hanahan, Edward Harlow, Scott Lowe, Bruce Stillman, Michael Wigler, Jan Witkowski
Shirley Chan*, David Micklos, Bronwyn Terrill*
Technical Producer
Adrian Arva
Creative Director
Susan Lauter
Lead Designer
Chun-hua Yang
Darius Farraye*, Eun-Sook Jeong
Shirley Chan*, Dave Micklos, Bronwyn Terrill*, Elizabeth Thomas*
Adrian Arva, Cornel Ghiban

Pathways to Cancer animations:

Animation and Digital Art
Carey Phillips
Doug Thomas
Executive Producer
David Micklos
Bronwyn Terrill*   
Carey Phillips     
Production Manager
Kevin Johannen
Sound Design and Mix
Michael McInnis   
Editing and Effects
Kevin Johannen   
Bronwyn Terrill*, David Micklos, Kevin Johannen, Carey Phillips  
Recording Engineer
Doug Johnson  

Voice recording courtesy of Tonic.

Produced by the DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Interactive Knowledge, Inc.



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